Developmental Edit

In this edit, I focus on the overall execution of the storytelling, the big picture.

I provide a 5 to 10 page analysis of your manuscript as well as make comprehensive notes within the manuscript noting where there might be something missing or where certain issues need to be addressed/revised/expanded on/clarified.

In this detailed evaluation, I go over what is currently working in the manuscript and what aspects need more attention. I focus on plot/structure, character development/arcs, world building, dialogue, pacing, consistency, and point of view.

Besides the detailed developmental edit letter, I also provide a chapter-by-chapter breakdown showing where certain issues show up and can also schedule a one-hour call to discuss the edits and brainstorm possible solutions.

I charge between $10 for 1000 words / $0.010 per word and $15 for 1000 words / $0.015 per word and the manuscript.

Substantive / Line Edits

A substantive/line edit looks at the manuscript at a sentence level. This is where I fine-tune the big-picture elements.

In a substantive/line edit, I check for consistency from scene to scene (motivations, actions, eye color, clothing, etc.). I edit to improve paragraph structure, scene structure, and transitions. I find repetitive words/phrases/structures. I check your dialogue is authentic and flows, tighten wordy sentences and check for readability, pacing, clarity, and consistency.

For substantive/line edits, I charge between $12 for 1000 words / $0.012 per word and $20 for 1000 words / $0.02 per word.

Copy Edits

After you’re done revising your manuscript and everything is in place, you’re ready for a copy edit. When I copy edit, I comb through your story and check the grammar, punctuation, spelling, and consistency of style.

If it becomes clear early on that the book requires more than a copy edit, I will contact you to discuss options.

For copy edits, I charge between $12 for 1000 words / $0.012 per word and $20 for 1000 words / $0.02 per word.

These are the 3 standard editing packages I offer, but I can also tailor a package for your editing needs. If you’re still not sure what type of edits your manuscript needs or want to chat about combining packages or tailoring something just for you, please get in touch at

Query Package Critique

Are you ready to submit your manuscript to an agent or publishing house but not sure if your query package is ready? Or have you been submitting but are not getting any requests or feedback about what’s not working? I offer a query package critique where I take a look at your first 50 pages and your query letter and provide you with feedback on what I think is working and what I think could be revised.

For this critique, I charge a flat rate of $150.

The Small Print:

I offer a 1000-word sample edit for us to both see if we’re a good fit.

I use Word’s “word count” and invoice for the size of the book when it arrives for edits.

All edits are done using MS Word and manuscripts need to be submitted as a Word document.

I require a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure a date on my schedule. This $50 will be deducted from the amount due when you send me the manuscript and the first payment.

Fifty percent of the total fee is payable when the book arrives for edits. Once I have started an edit, no refunds will be issued. The remaining portion is due when the edits are completed.

I use Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam Webster and make all corrections/suggestions according to the latest editions.

I accept payment via PayPal and TransferWise. PayPal charges a fee for all business transactions. These will be added to the total of the invoice. There are some other payment methods available, so we can discuss other options if there is a problem with PayPal or TransferWise.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that using my editorial services will result in an offer of representation from an agent or a contract from a publisher, and I do recommend still using a proofreader after edits with me if you are self-publishing.

To discuss editing packages or scheduling or to arrange a 1000 word sample edit to see if we’d be a good fit, please get in touch with me at